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  • 70+ U.S. based fashion wholesalers - casual/active/urban/sporty/boho/chic styles 
  • 2 email outreach templates to send to wholesalers

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WAIT! Want To Launch Your Boutique In Just 8-weeks With Total Confidence? Then You Need The Complete Programme

Covering everything from Ecommerce Essentials, to low-cost, high-impact boutique launch ideas. The Launch Code Playbook an Video Training Vault helps you cut through the noise, formulate an effective plan, and launch your store the right way the first time!


The Launch Code Playbook + Video Training Series

This is where you'll get access to 18+ action-orientated, step-by-step, online boutique launch plan and training videos.

Video Training Library Includes:

  • Online boutique launch checklist videos
  • Instagram marketing bootcamp
  • Customer profile masterclass
  • Shopify SEO training videos
  • Website review examples - watch feedback and make change

The training is designed to highly actionable (you'll also find additional resources) so you can be open for business in just 8-weeks or less. There is new content added to the vault every 2 months, you'll have access & never pay a cent more!

Brazen profit lab The Launch Code


BUSINESS BOOSTER: Brazen Niche Biz Plan Workbook

This is where you get access to my Brazen Business Plan. Nope! It's not bank manager approved, but it gets the job done (and that's all that matters)

  • Get clear about your 'why' and how starting your biz will change your life
  • Identify your brand's secret sauce - that keeps customers coming back
  • Choose your business model and establish your revenue goals 

BUSINESS BOOSTER: Brazen Niche Finder Workbook

This is where you get access to my Brazen Niche Finder - use this document to help you dial in on your product, brand, and ideal customer (get this wrong, and it's back to square one)

  • Research your marketplace, find your lane ( then niche down till it hurts)
  • Identify all your revenue streams (so you don't leave money on the table)
  • Calculate your costs - so you can launch in the quickest, most risk-free way possible

BUSINESS BOOSTER: Brazen Competitive analysis Workbook

This is where you get access to my competitive analysis workbook - use this document to understand your competitors and the marketplace.

  • Analysis the marketplace so you can spot trends, hit products, and unsolved problems
  • Learn from their social media marketing mistakes (and borrow all their wins)
  • Discover brand and entrepreneurs you may want make an alliance (and bank) with!

BUSINESS BOOSTER: Brazen Customer profile 1hr masterclass + workbook

This is where you get access to my 1hr video training on why you need to create a customer profile, how to create one, and what to with it once you have:

  • Complete the most important task to ecommerce success most new store owners overlook
  • Learn from the social media marketing mistakes of others (and borrow all their wins)
  • Discover brands and entrepreneurs you may want make an alliance (and bank) with

RESULTS BOOSTER: Leverage Your Launch Idea Generator

This is where you get access to my Leverage Your Launch idea generator  - high impact marketing strategies that are working right now + a 30-minute audio masterclass (this worksheet & audio alone is worth the full price of this Playbook)

  • What problems they have and how your brand can be the answer
  • Curate a killer collection of products (people actually want)
  • Laser sharp messaging your customer can't ignore
  • Discover the sort of social media content you need to create (to get the click)

RESULTS BOOSTER: Money & Mindset + Launching IRL

This is where you get access to my Mindset & Money 101 - how to manage your mindset and take care of the dollars & cents.  And launching IRL (in real life) - how to launch your store, without losing your job or significant other (worksheet)

If I'm honest, I wish I'd had someone sit me down and give me the sort of practical advice you'll find in this guide, at the beginning of my business journey.

There are many things I would have done differently, luckily you don't have to make the same mistakes I did!


The refund rate on the training vault is incredibly low. However, if you're truly unhappy with what you receive, reach out within 7 days of your purchase for a full quibble free refund. If you've watched more than 30% of the content or exceed the 7 days, all sales are final. Still got questions? Email: stacey (@) brazenprofitlab.com

4 ways you & your business will benefit from The Vault

Win back your time by working smarter & not harder

Lay strong foundations under your ecommerce business

Build more than a 'boutique', build a bold, beautiful brand

Cut through the noise, create a killer 'action-driven' plan

invest in yo' biz & yo' self Today

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